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Ned supports Imogen

A sympathetic Steph checks in on the Willis girls and drops off a casserole. But she's shocked when Piper takes out her grief and anger on her - declaring that Steph was involved in the explosion at Lassiters. Later, Ned walks in on Imogen watching the Doug-doco Piper made and seeing how cathartic it is in helping with her grief, he gets an idea on how to get through to her.

Tyler discovers an 'Alex Jones' has been unaccounted for since the explosion at Lassiters. But Paige's hope that he could be her John Doe are short-lived when a woman turns up, revealing she is in fact Alex Jones.

Susan isn’t thrilled after learning that her new neighbour is Sarah Beaumont – so she and Karl confront her, demanding to know why she's back in Erinsborough. But Sarah remains evasive… only revealing she wanted Karl's advice on something, but it's no longer required.