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Neighbours Spoilers: Angry Amy tells Liam she wants him out of their lives for good!

Neighbours, Zoe Cramond, amy williams plays Amy Williams

Protective mum Amy gives Liam his marching orders

Amy tries to talk to Jimmy about how he's feeling following the bush camp disaster but he shuts her down. A worried Amy grows increasingly concerned about her son and warns Liam she doesn't think it's a good idea for him to go to New York.

However, she's later fuming when Jimmy gets wind of the New York plans and thinks his dad is abandoning them once again.

Amy is furious that Liam has come between her and her son and also been keeping secrets and confiding in Elly. She angrily orders him to pack his bags and get out of her and Jimmy's lives… forever.

Elsewhere, David has been back from New Zealand for a few days but is struggling to have a proper catch up with Leo. Leo continues to throw himself into work after breaking up with Mishti, but David is certain something else is troubling his brother. Can he get Leo to open up?