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Neighbours spoilers: Bea Nilsson is spooked by Cassius's dark side

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson

Bea's suspicions about Piper's boyfriend Cassius continue to grow after an angry exchange when he warns her to mind her own business...

Bea Nilsson has had her suspicions about her friend Piper Willis's boyfriend Cassius Grady for some time. But is she about to discover his shock secret?

When Cassius brings his car into the garage for a service, mechanic Bea is busy giving the car a clean when she discovers a key ring with a motif engraved on one side - the same emblem that is engraved on the medallion Cassius lost on the night his hated dad Hamish was murdered!

Bea, who is unaware it was Cassius who killed Hamish, innocently asks Cassius about the emblem on the key ring. But she's in for a shock when he suddenly flips and warns her to mind her own business...

David is still reeling from the revelation his new hubby Aaron is addicted to pain medication. But David immediately jumps into doctor mode and believes he can help Aaron beat his addiction. But the plan is risky and could put David's medical licence in jeopardy. Will Aaron let David risk his career trying to save him?

Elsewhere, as schoolgirl Yashvi's crush on hunky neighbour Ned continues, soccer-playing Yashvi asks for Ned's help practicing her tackling skills. But when Bea lets slip Yashvi doesn't really need any help with her tackling skills will Ned discover the truth about her feelings for him?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5.