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Neighbours Spoilers: Beatrix Nillson's mystery boyfriend is Finn Kelly!

Watch out Elly! Little does she know but her sister Beatrix is now dating her twisted ex-lover, Finn...

Elly is hopeful she can get her relationship with sister Bea back on track. But, secretly, Bea is jealous of Elly's perfect life in Erinsborough and doesn't think her sibling has changed at all.

Returning to the apartment she is sharing with her mystery boyfriend, Bea is ready to wind down after spending more time with Elly. But her boyfriend is revealed to be none other than twisted teacher Finn Kelly - last seen being transferred to a prison hospital over countless dastardly doings! But what's he doing a free man? And are he and Bea planning some kind of revenge on Elly and others in Ramsay Street?

Meanwhile, Gary's job is on the line after the outrageous events of Xanthe's 18th birthday party at the Flametree Retreat. Sheila does her best to convince boss Steph to give her son Gary another chance. But has the damage already been done?

Catch Neighbours, weekdays at 1:15pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5