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Neighbours spoilers: Marry me? Finn pops the question to Bea

As Finn continues to spin more lies to cover his tracks, he's worried girlfriend Bea will soon rumble him. So he springs a suprise marriage proposal!

After discovering her disabled boyfriend Patrick has somehow managed to leave their apartment without his wheelchair, Bea Nilsson demands some answers!

Thinking fast, Finn (aka Patrick) claims he has gradually been getting back some movement in his legs and went out to test them. But he didn't want to break the news to Bea until he was sure. Bea is not entirely convinced by Patrick's miraculous recovery and confides her suspicions in new friend Yashvi Rebecchi. However, worried Bea is starting to get suspicious about his behaviour, Finn springs a romantic surprise and pops the question!

Elsewhere, policewoman Mishti Sharma talks about internet crime for Careers Day at Erinsborough High. Mishti is still shame-faced after her dodgy date Dilhan released a saucy video of her online. But that doesn't stop Mishti holding her head and explaining to the students how a crime was committed against her. But there's bad news for Mishti and ex-boyfriend Leo Tanaka when they discover Dilhan has been released on bail. Will he eventually walk free without charge?

And Karl and Shane are still trying to put the passionate spark back in their marriages after Cassius caught the eye of their women. But how will Susan react when she returns home and finds Karl gardening naked!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5