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Neighbours Spoilers: Gary and Terese make an announcement

How will Gary and Terese's families take their news?

Gary and Terese tell Sheila, Xanthe and Piper about their decision to split up. The girls are stunned by their parents’ decision, but Sheila is furious and makes a plan to get revenge on Paul. When Paul hears the news he's ready to win back Terese's heart - but what will she say? Devastated by her break-up with Gary, Terese spends some quality time with Piper.

Jane's mission to find out more about her former home and bombards Sonya and Toadie with questions about the property. Sonya tells Jane that Callum may know more about the property as he renovated it recently and Jane says that she needs Callum’s email address. Will Sonya start to suspect something isn't what it seems with Jane?

Amy is keen to impress Paul and Leo after getting her job back, so she reaches out to a new toiletries suppliers, a move that impresses Paul. However, the company's owner is a familiar face…