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Neighbours spoilers: Shock death? Is this the end for Gary Canning?

Neighbours, Gary Canning

It's not looking good for Gary when he is knocked unconscious at his new warehouse job. Will he be discovered before it's too late?

Under pressure from his bossy boots mum Sheila to get his act together, Gary Canning has taken on some extra jobs to help clear his debts and pay back ex-girlfriend Amy Williams money he owes her.

However, working all that extra overtime starts to prove too much for Gary. He gets off to a bad start when he arrives late for his first shift at a new warehouse job and then forgets the instructions about what he's supposed to be doing in the role.

Disaster strikes when Gary rushes to finish a job but is accidentally knocked unconscious when a pile of heavy boxes topple over! Alone in the warehouse, will anyone find Gary before it's too late?

Meanwhile, after trashing the Penthouse, Leo Tanaka is already planning his next move to get revenge on his ex-girlfriend Terese Willis and his dad Paul Robinson who he caught kissing last week.

Leo sets his sights on getting The Waterhole shutdown, which Terese and Paul are both in charge of as bosses at the Lassiters Complex.

But Leo is unaware that Susan Kennedy has come up with an idea for a community fundraiser at the pub to help Sonya and Toadie Rebecchi, following Sonya's recent cancer diagnosis.

Will Leo's grudge against Paul and Terese and his plan to sabotage The Waterhole end up hurting the wrong people?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5