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Neighbours spoilers: Kyle Canning falls off some scaffolding!

Neighbours, Kyle Canning

Is Kyle gonna be a goner when some scaffolding at the building site collapses and he plunges to the ground in front of Gary, Sheila and Amy...

Things have been getting heated between Kyle Canning and his dad Gary as they continue to work at the tram site together.

Both men are in love with Amy Williams. But unfortunately for Kyle, his ex-girlfriend is now engaged to his dad!

As things get competitive between Gary and Kyle, the pair have another row and Gary walks off without properly checking he has assembled some scaffolding properly.

While Gary, Amy and Gary's mum, Amy chat below, Kyle is on the scaffolding when suddenly one of the rails gives way and to everyone's horror, he plunges to the ground...

Neighbours, Kyle Canning

(Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours, Kyle Canning, Gary Canning, Amy Williams, Sheila Canning

(Picture: Channel 5)

Neighbours, Kyle Canning

Kyle takes the plunge! Will he survive? (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Chloe Brennan confronts Ebony Buttrose over the mysterious bank transfers and threatens to tell Ebony's businessman fiance Pierce Greyson that she has been secretly stealing his money.

However, Chloe is in for a surprise when she discovers WHO Ebony has been sending the money too.

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson, Finn Kelly, Liz Conway, Susan Kennedy

Liz confronts Finn... (Picture: Channel 5)

Back in Ramsay Street, Bea Nilsson and sister Elly Conway are in for a surprise when their mum Liz makes an unexpected visit to Number 28. And Liz wastes no time in giving Bea's ex-fiance, Finn Kelly, a piece of her mind for all the terrible things he's done in the past.

But will Liz's angry outburst end up pushing Bea and Finn closer together?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5