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Neighbours spoilers: Paige Smith and Mark Brennan back together?

Neighbours, Paige Smith, Mark Brennan

Sealed with a kiss! It looks like things are going rather well between ex-loves Paige Smith and Mark on Neighbours. Will it be second time lucky for the pair?

Everyone is kinda hoping Mark Brennan (played by Scott McGregor) and his ex-fiancee Paige Smith (Olympia Valance) are going to get back together on Neighbours (1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

The signs are looking good, now the pair have decided to stick around Erinsborough for a while and are officially dating again.

But who could forget how policeman Mark once had bride-to-be Paige arrested on their wedding day!

Can Paige and Mark get over their troubled past and strike it second time lucky?

Meanwhile, Gary Canning (Damien Richardson) and Prudence Wallace's (Denise Van Outen) wedding plans are going ahead, despite the couple not having the support of their loved-ones.

Prue is determined to get her daughter Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) back on board for the Big Day.

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson, Prudence Wallace

Prue tries to get back in Harlow's good books on Neighbours

Mother and daughter finally seem to be bonding when they enjoy some Hen's day fun together.

However, just when it seems Harlow is ready to give her mum another chance, she accidentally makes a SHOCK discovery about Prue...

Over the road, Gary is not having much more luck with his son Kyle (Chris Milligan), who reckons Gary will be a laughing stock if he goes ahead and marries Prue.

Neighbours, Sheila Canning, Prudence Wallace, Gary Canning, Kyle Canning

Everyone was stunned when Gary and Prue announced their engagement on Neighbours!

Kyle can't believe it when Gary shows off the flash new car he has bought bride-to-be Prue.

In the heat of the momet, tempers flare and a scuffle breaks out...

Elsewhere, Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) is still reeling from the discovery that it was her husband Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis) who wrote the romantic letter to Jane Harris (Annie Jones) under the guise of being the catfish "Richard".

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Jane Harris

Does Paul secretly still have feelings for former flame Jane on Neighbours?

Wondering if Paul still has feelings for Jane, Terese decides to confront him...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5