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Neighbours spoilers: Paul Robinson catches Amy and Rob getting frisky!

Neighbours, Paul Robinson, Amy Williams, Dr Rob Carson

Awkward alert! That moment when your dad catches you and your new boyfriend getting passionate in a public place!

Amy and Rob's relationship starts to hot up when he arrives at the Robinson Heights construction site to pick her up for their second date, and the pair find themselves getting frisky! However, little do they know, Amy's dad Paul is touring the construction site with some potential buyers and catches the pair in the act! What a way to meet your daughter's new boyfriend...

Meanwhile, Mark deals with the backlash of wrecking Chloe's date with a paid client at The Waterhole. Girlfriend Elly tries to make former policeman Mark realise he is treating Chloe like a teenage daughter instead of his sister. Realising his is unfulfilled following his fall from grace as a police detective, Mark looks for a new direction in life and discovers an unexpected career opportunity. But what is it?

Xanthe feels guilty about receiving the insurance pay-out, especially when it is evil Finn's fault she was in hospital in the first place. But after a pep talk from her friends, Xanthe realises she could put the money to good use by buying a private university place to pursue her dream of a career in medicine. She just needs an extra $100,000 and she is set. But where will Xanthe get the extra money from?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5