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Neighbours spoilers: Will Paul Robinson make a play for Terese Willis?

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Karl Kennedy, Terese Willis

When Paul visits Terese in hospital and admits his crime, will he also confess he wants her romantically back in his life?

Piper Willis is still suspicious her mum Terese has romantic feelings for her ex, Paul Robinson. So when Terese wakes up in hospital after her gunshot surgery and asks to see Paul, it looks like Piper could be right!

But does Paul feel the same way about Terese, considering until recently she was dating his son Leo Tanaka?

During his visit to her hospital bedside, Paul confesses all about his and Leo's involvement with criminals Ivan and Raymond Renshaw, which led to her shooting at The Waterhole and a hostage situation at Harold's Cafe. But with Paul's lady love Jane Harris having just packed her bags and left Erinsborough, will the businessman now make another play for Terese?

Neighbours, Paul Robinson

Does Paul still have the hots for Terese? (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Leo is left reeling by Delaney Renshaw's revelation that Mannix Foster is still alive! So if the dead body out in the bush who everyone thought was Mannix wasn't Mannix, who was it?

Will troublesome Delaney Renshaw finally be sent packing from Erinsborough after all the chaos she has caused with her secrets and lies?

Elsewhere, hospital doctor David Tanaka's past catches up with him when an unexpected visitor demands blackmail money or they will reveal how David illegally provided painkillers in the past!

If the truth comes out, will David be suspended from his job?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5