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Neighbours spoilers: Piper Willis awaits the results of her pregnancy test

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Cassius Grady

Piper's future connection to her killer ex-boyfriend Cassius is uncertain as she anxiously awaits the results of her pregnancy test...

After his cryptic visit from Sheila Canning, killer Cassius Grady asks his ex-girlfriend Piper Willis if she really is pregnant with their baby. But Piper still doesn't know.

While Piper waits for the pregnancy test results to come back from the doctor, she realises a baby could keep the couple connected forever, despite Cassius now serving a prison sentence for the murder of his hated dad Hamish Roche.

But if Piper discovers she is not pregnant, will this mean she can finally part ways with Cassius for good?

Meanwhile, at the Rebecchi house, nanny Alice Wells is thrown into a spin when Toadie tells her a place at daycare has opened up for his and wife Sonya's daughter Nell, so Alice's services will no longer be required.

However, scheming Alice, who is really the mum of conwoman Andrea Somers, has other ideas. Since she hasn't finished wrecking revenge on Toadie and Sonya yet. But what does she have in store? Is Nell about to be placed in peril?

At Lassiter's, Terese Willis continues to stand her ground against Paul Robinson's attempts to ruin her relationship with Paul's son Leo Tanaka. But while is Terese still feeling embarrassed by Leo's public displays of affection?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5