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Neighbours spoilers: Prue Wallace returns to Ramsay Street!

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson, Prue Wallace

Harlow is reunited with her mum, Prue Wallace, on Neighbours. Prue claims she has finally left the Restoration Order cult. But is she telling the truth?

Harlow Robinson (played by Jemma Donovan) has decided she still doesn't want anything to do with her mum, Prue Wallace (guest star Denise Van Outen) on Neighbours (1:45pm/5:30pm on Channel 5, see our TV Guide for full listings).

But with Prue on her way back to Ramsay Street to visit neighbour Gary Canning (Damien Richardson), it's going to be hard to avoid her!

Gary decides to play peacekeeper and organises a welcome BBQ for Prue at the Canning house.

Harlow is eventually persuaded to attend.

Prue is thrilled to see her daughter again and promises she has left weird cult, the Restoration Order for good. But is Prue telling the truth?

Neighbours, Gary Canning, Prue Wallace

Gary and Prue are reunited on Neighbours!

Meanwhile, Toadie Maloney's (Ryan Maloney) friends and family are worried about him after the legal eagle's outburst at Roxy Willis (Zima Anderson).

Toadie was furious when he caught Roxy wearing his late wife Sonya's wedding dress while handing out leaflets to promote the Wedding Expo at Lassiters.

Unable to deal with the anniversary of Sonya's death, Toadie just wants to stay home alone. But his loved ones have other ideas...

Neighbours, Toadie Rebecchi, Roxy Willis

Toadie was furious when he found Roxy wearing Sonya's wedding dress on Neighbours

Elsewhere in Erinsborough, Hendrix Greyson (Benny Turland) confides in dad Pierce (Tim Robards) that he is very confused about what is going on between him and Harlow.

The teenagers kissed at the Mardi Gras party. But since then things have been a bit weird and awkward between them.

Neighbours, Pierce Greyson, Hendrix Greyson

Hendrix is confused about what's happening between him and Harlow on Neighbours

Is Harlow deliberately ghosting Hendrix? Or could something still happen between them?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5