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Neighbours spoilers: Roxy gets a SURPRISE visitor!

Neighbours, Roxy Willis, Harlow Robinson

As Roxy continues to go off the rails in the aftermath of all the Vance drama, WHO will Terese ask for help from on Neighbours?

Roxy Willis (played by Zima Anderson) is still trying to put on a brave face and pretend she's OK on Neighbours.

In yesterday's episode, Harlow Robinson (Jemma Donovan) confronted Roxy over her bratty behaviour. But she still gave the impression she couldn't be happier.

However, Roxy is still broken-up over the way things ended with her lover Vance Abernethy, who was recently explosed as the culprit who attacked Paul Robinson (Stefan Dennis).

With her aunty Terese Willis (Rebekah Elmaloglou) worried about Roxy's downward spiral, she decides to call in the cavalry to talk some sense into Roxy...

But how will Roxy react when her mum Gemma Willis (Beth Buchanan) breezes back into Erinsborough to check on her daughter? And can Roxy be talked around into moving back into Number 22?

Neighbours, Gemma Willis, Roxy Willis

Gemma returns to Erinsborough to support daughter Roxy on Neighbours. (Picture: Channel 5)

Elsewhere on Ramsay Street, Sheila Canning (Colette Mann) is down in the dumps after her break-up with Clive Gibbons (Geoff Paine).

Sheila realises she's made a mess of things with her recent behaviour and decides to try and make things right.

Neighbours, Clive Gibbons, Sheila Canning

Sheila confronts Clive after he broke-up with her on Neighbours. (Picture: Channel 5)

However, when she storms down to the hospital and hijacks the PA system to declare her love for doctor Clive, will the pair kiss and make-up? Or will an embarassed Clive show Sheila the door?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5