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Neighbours spoilers: Will Susan Kennedy stand trial for attempted murder?

Neighbours, Karl Kennedy, Susan Kennedy

Having made things a whole lot worse for herself by visiting Finn in hospital, Susan awaits her fate and to find out if she'll stand trial in court...

Susan Kennedy is in big trouble after her latest visit to the hospital bedside of Finn Kelly, the twisted former teacher she pushed off a cliff.

Susan's lawyer Toadie Rebecchi wants to argue the disgraced High School principal pushed Finn in self-defence while protecting her nieces Elly Conway and Bea Nilsson and their friend Xanthe Canning from vengeful Finn. But when the case prosecutor hears about Susan's continued contact with Finn, he wants to argue she has murderous intent against the man now lying in a coma.

Neighbours, Susan Kennedy, Finn Kelly

Susan has previously had murderous thoughts about Finn! (Picture: Channel 5)

But against Toadie's wishes, Susan decides to defend herself against the accusations and explains to the prosecutor how she feels a sense of remorse for what she did - and still feels sorry for Finn, even after all the terrible things he's done.

But will Susan's speech be enough to save her from standing trial in court and possibly being sent to prison?

Neighbours, Bea Nilsson

Is Bea about to lose her precious journal because of the actions of her mum Liz? (Picture: Channel 5)

Also, Liz Conway is still keeping quiet after snooping through her daughter Bea's secret journal and reading the harsh truth about what her daughter really thinks about Liz's mothering skills.

However, Bea remains unaware her missing journal has been stashed inside the Kennedy's backyard pizza oven by Liz.

So when the pizza oven is fired-up, will Bea's precious journal, containing all her private thoughts and song lyrics go up in flames?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5