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Neighbours spoilers: Does Terese Willis have an indecent proposal for Pierce Greyson?

Neighbours, Terese Willis, Pierce Greyson

Terese is determined to wrestle control of Lassiters from boss-man Paul. But how far is she prepared to go to get what she wants?

Terese Willis thought she had finally got her hands on Lassiters and sent her boss and ex-lover Paul Robinson packing. So she's furious when she discovers Paul has suddenly changed his mind about accepting Terese and multi-millionaire Pierce Greyson's offer to buy him out.

Puzzled by Paul's U-turn, Terese soon discovers Pierce has changed his mind about helping her, as somehow Paul has got his hands on some incriminating evidence and is threatening to expose Pierce's secret relationship with Terese's executive assistant Chloe Brennan.

But Terese is not about to let her hated rival Paul win this battle. But how far is she prepared to go to get what she wants? Will she make Pierce an indecent proposal he will find hard to resist?

Meanwhile, Chloe returns to Ramsay Street to face the music after threatening to flee the country and running out on her relationship with Pierce.

Chloe's brothers Mark and Aaron are startled by the truth about her secret affair. But Mark is in for another shock when he discovers his girlfriend Elly Conway has known all along what Chloe has been up to? Can Mark forgive Chloe for keeping Chloe's secret?

Neighbours, Chloe Brennan

Chloe returns to Ramsay Street and reveals the truth about her romance with Pierce. (Picture: Channel 5)

And that's not the only secret Elly has been keeping! Along with her younger sister Bea Nilsson, their aunt Susan Kennedy and friend Xanthe Canning, she is trying to make sure the ladies all keep quiet about what happened during their clifftop confrontation with psycho Finn Kelly.

But when guilty Susan starts to be haunted by visions of former school teacher Finn, will her husband Karl start to wonder about the reason behind her strange behaviour?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5