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Neighbours spoilers: Blast from the past! Whose grave does Mark Brennan visit?

Neighbours, Mark Brennan

Worried about the fate of his good friend, Sonya, an emotional Mark decides to share his feelings with a surprise someone from his past...

Mark Brennan's mind has been on his good friend Sonya Rebecchi since she went public with the shock news of her cancer diagnosis.

The policeman doesn't feel right planning his wedding to Elly Conway when across Ramsay Street, Sonya and her husband Toadie are going through such a terrible time.

Mark tries to remain positive and upbeat about Sonya's condition, but inside he's on an emotional edge. However, instead of opening up and sharing his feelings with fiancee Elly, Mark pays a visit to the graveside of his late fiancee Kate Ramsay who was accidentally shot and killed almost five years ago.

How will Elly react if she finds out who Mark is choosing to confide in?

Neighbours, Callum Jones, Sonya Rebecchi

Callum has a heart-to-heart with mum Sonya (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Sonya is still feeling bitter after discovering it was family relative Dipi Rebecchi who contacted Sonya's son Callum Jones in LA and broke the news of her cancer.

With a family feud brewing, Callum takes Sonya off for a picnic to try and keep the peace. And when Callum challenges his mum, telling her it was wrong of her to keep him in the dark about her diagnosis, Sonya begins to see how everyone around her really does have her best interests at heart.

With Callum back in Erinsborough and by her side, Sonya now has the added strength and motivation for the fight of her life...

Meanwhile, down at the garage, it's supposed to be business as usual under new manager Harry. However, when mechanic Bea Nilsson begins to notice a sudden number of cancellations, she starts to become suspicious.

Could there be a connection between her rubbish new boss Harry and estate agent Mel Lohan's attempts to buy the garage on behalf of the Robinson Pines development? Hmmm...

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5