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Neighbours spoilers: Will Ned Willis expose Cassius Grady's lies?

Neighbours, Ned Willis, Cassius Grady

Ready to protect his sister Piper, will a suspicious Ned take drastic action to expose her boyfriend Cassius's shifty behaviour?

Unaware of the real reason Cassius is in Erinsborough and the motivation behind his shifty behaviour, Ned starts to suspect Cassius could be secretly cheating on his girlfriend Piper. Determined to protect his half-sister Piper, noble Ned decides to confront Cassius. It looks like Cassius has some big explaining to do! But will he come clean and tell Ned the truth?

Meanwhile, despite her disagreement with sister Dipi, Mishti continues her search online for an arranged marriage. But she's in for a pleasant surprise when her ex-boyfriend Leo offers to help her search for her ideal man.

Elsewhere, Gary is worried about the hefty medical bill he has been left with after all of daughter Xanthe's hospital treatment following the hit and run horror. Still awaiting payment from the medical insurance company, Gary decides to dip into prison inmate Jeremy's bag of stolen money to help his cash-flow problems. But will Gary live to regret stealing from Jeremy?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5