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Neighbours spoilers: Will Paul Robinson accept granddaughter Harlow?

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson, Paul Robinson

Paul is still reeling from the revelation his dangerous son Robert has a long-lost teenage daughter, Harlow. Will he welcome her to the family?

The Robinson family just got bigger, as Paul Robinson comes face-to-face with his long-lost granddaughter, Harlow Robinson (played by ex-Neighbours star Jason Donovan's real-life daughter, Jemma).

Neighbours, Harlow Robinson

Harlow reveals how her parents met. (Picture: Channel 5)

Harlow tells Paul, his son David Tanaka and David's hubby Aaron Brennan, how her dad Rob met her mum Prue while backpacking through Tasmania. Having only previously written to him, Harlow has come to the maximum security prison to meet her dad face-to-face.

While Paul's partner Terese Willis and the rest of the family invite Harlow to stay until Rob agrees to see her, Paul secretly has reservations about the teenager, seeing as she is the offspring of the man who once tried to kill him.

Neighbours, Dipi Rebecchi, Heather Schilling, Jackie Woodburne

Susan has some harsh home truths for criminal Heather. (Picture: Channel 5)

Meanwhile, Heather Schilling continues to come unraveled in police custody, desperate for answers about her daughter Andrea Somers and lookie-likie Dee Bliss.

But she soon finds herself truly put in her place when neighbours Dipi Rebecchi and Susan Kennedy confront her about her previous attempt to fatally poison Toadie's Rebecchi's wife, Sonya...

And Roxy Willis and her Aunty T remain at odds after their latest confrontation. And with the arrival of newcomer Harlow, Roxy suddenly starts to feel pushed out of life at Number 22. What will she do?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5