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Neighbours spoilers: Will Piper discover boyfriend Cassius's shock secret?

Neighbours, Cassius Grady

Cassius has some big explaining to do when Piper and Bea discover he has stolen a legal file about Tyler from Toadie's office...

Piper wants to know what's going on when her friend Bea tells her she caught Piper's boyfriend Cassius stealing a legal file about Piper's ex-boyfriend Tyler from Toadie's office. Why is Cassius so interested in Tyler?

Little does Piper realise, but Cassius is really Tyler's half-brother and the real culprit who killed their biological dad Hamish last year! When Piper confronts him over stealing Tyler's file, will Cassius be forced to confess the terrible truth?

Elsewhere, Ned is running on empty between work and his late-night walks with Bea. He decides to take a break and go to the sauna at Lassiters. But disaster strikes when Ned falls asleep in the sauna, as the temperature continues to rise...

Meanwhile, Shane is suspicious when he sees his wife Dipi sneak into The Waterhole toilets with Clive. What is going on between the pair?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5