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Neighbours spoilers: Will Piper Willis go on the run with boyfriend Cassius Grady?

Neighbours, Piper Willis, Cassius Grady

Unaware of his shock secret, Piper is heartbroken when Cassius announced he has to depart Erinsborough. Will she leave with him?

Piper Willis is completely confused by her boyfriend Cassius Grady's decision to leave Erinsborough, even though he claims he has to go and look after his mum.

Piper is still unaware Cassius is the real murderer of hated Hamish Roche, a crime for which Piper's then boyfriend Tyler Brennan took the rap for. As he prepares to go on the run, Cassius has mailed a full confession to the police.

When her mum Terese, brother Ned and friend Bea Nilsson present Piper with the evidence they have dug up on Cassius's shifty behaviour, will she choose to believe them. Or secretly pack her bags and join her fugitive fella?

Meanwhile, Cassius's mum Elissa Gallow is on her way back to Erinsborough to try and intercept her son's confession letter before it reaches the police station.

However, she accidentally bumps into Aaron Brennan who soon recognises Elissa as the woman he arranged to meet in Paris last year to find out her connection to Hamish.

The truth starts to dawn that Elissa Garrow and Cassius's mum are the same person. So Cassius is the son of the woman who hated Hamish. Have the neighbours almost cracked the crime?

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5