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Nene realises Paul's been playing her

When Steph shows Paul the incriminating evidence she found in his briefcase, he asks Nene to corroborate on a false alibi with him. She agrees but, when she walks in on Paul and Terese locked in a passionate embrace, she sneaks away, feeling used. The next person to arrive at the Willis House is Mark, on a mission to haul Paul down to the station for questioning regarding the Lassiters explosion.

Meanwhile, Toadie is rescued from under the rubble and Steph joins Sonya and Nell at the hospital. When Sonya leaves the room, Steph questions whether she should still destroy the mysterious file he mentioned when he thought he might not make it. Uneasy, Toadie urges her to forget about it.

Paige continues her bedside vigil of her unidentified saviour and the discovery of a piece of evidence, one of Tyler's Fitzgerald Motors business cards with a smudged phone number on the back, only intensifies her determination to find out who he is. When Tyler clocks Lauren's concern, he offers to help Paige in her quest.