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Niamh tries to help Ben

(Image credit: BBC)

Daniel tells Niamh about an experimental treatment, which might be worth looking in to for Harry. Niamh tells Ben, who is thrilled and goes to the hospital to tell Sarah. But Sarah isn’t convinced - they have to prepare themselves for the end of Harry's life.

Daniel spots Professor Roy Lewis kissing Martine, a female student. When Roy later tells Daniel he's in a new relationship, Daniel assumes Roy is talking about Martine and tells him to be cautious. Roy goes back to the Student Fair and confronts Ruth, a post-grad student in her Sixties and accuses her of using him. But when Daniel sees Martine call Roy dad he realises that he's got his wires crossed.

Sid and Ayesha are all set for the mental health stall at the Student Fair and, when Professor Roy gives his speech, it's such a success that it prompts Sid to ask Ayesha to go on holiday with him – as a friend, of course. Ayesha agrees. Next up is Sid who talks about his own experience in a friendly and upbeat way.