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Will Nicola reveal the truth when David demands to know why she was so shaken by Gary’s death?

Nicola in Coronation Street

Suspicious David wants answers from Nicola as soon as Phelan Is out the way.

After forcing his way in to Nicola’s house, David clocks the pregnancy vitamins in her handbag and realises with horror that she’s carrying Gary’s baby. With Sarah consumed by grief what will he do with this shocking revelation?

Norris approaches Tracy and Mary with the news that Jude and Angie are going back to South Africa for good. Mary is aghast but is Tracy conducting a cunning plan to help?

Rana lies to Luke, telling him that the baby changes everything, she intends to stay with Zeedan and will break off her relationship with Kate. Will Luke believe her or will he tell Zeedan everything?

Meanwhile, Luke is determined to find Andy.

[Second episode of evening]