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Nicola’s locked in a barn with baby Amba!

Nicola and Jimmy’s romantic night at the B&B may have been a disaster – but she’s not about to admit that to anyone. After telling Diane and Bernice that she and Jimmy had a great night, Nicola takes off to do a good deed for Priya, taking Amba off her hands while the mum is busy in the salon.

While they’re out for a walk, Nicola’s forced to take shelter in a barn when it starts chucking it down. But the shelter ends up becoming a frustrating trap when they accidentally get locked in! Worse still, Nicola’s phone has no signal!

Later, when Nicola fails to show, Priya’s anxiety turns to panic as she overhears Jimmy discussing his wife’s erratic behaviour now she’s started the menopause early. With that, worried mum Priya calls the police claiming kidnap!

Chas’s birthday is a damp squib as she’s in a bad mood, worrying about her son’s involvement with married man Robert. But Aaron later tells Robert they’re over. There’s a fresh start for Rachel, too, as she’s offered a new job. Thing is, it’s in Luton.