Nina leaves Holby! She’s moving to Amsterdam in big shock!

Holby Matteo and Nina
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But will it be with or without estranged husband Matteo?

Surgeon Matteo Rossini recently split from estranged wife Nina Karnik after she admitted she’d once had him investigated over their son, Nico’s, disappearance. Matteo, however, has since found out she’s pregnant with his baby, and this week he vows to be a part of the child’s life.

Unfortunately, though, that’s when medical director Nina drops a bombshell on Matteo – she’s moving to Amsterdam to be with her sister and her family! Matteo reckons, if Nina stays at Holby, they could co-parent.

Nina and Matteo unite as they treat Scott, a heart patient, who’s about to become a father for the first time. Nina believes that, when they lost Nico, she also lost Matteo emotionally and she doubts they can raise a child together until he can truly open up about his feelings.

When Scott’s condition deteriorates, however, Matteo’s suddenly hit by grief for his lost son, grief he’s never let out. Can Matteo and Nina reunite?

Meanwhile, Jac Naylor is one Holby surgeon who's always in control but, this week, even she's finding it hard to cope. She's struggling to find childcare for daughter Emma, continually shouts at fellow medic Oliver and keeps trying to back out of performing life-saving surgery!

When patient Grace insists on Jac personally doing her op, can Jac find her inner determination to save her life? And can Fletch get to the bottom of what's eating Jac?

Also, now that Ric is being prosecuted, Donna finds herself having to decide where her loyalties lie once and for all.

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