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Ollie and Tara get hitched!

(Image credit: BBC)

After opting to have a life-threatening operation to reduce her brain tumour, this week Tara makes another big decision - to get married. Boyfriend Oliver wakes to find Tara on her computer looking into organ donation, should she die during surgery. As her parents won't consent, Tara needs a next of kin, so asks Ollie to marry her and he says yes.

Tara and Ollie come to Holby to announce that, with a letter from Elliot, they can get married that day - and Tara refuses to let a pre-op chat with neurologist Roxanne get in the way of her wedding plans. Back at the flat, Tara's shocked when her parents turn up. Leaving her alone to talk to them, Ollie returns to Holby feeling sorry for himself, but Jac reminds him he's not the one about to have brain surgery.

Later that night, Tara arrives at Holby in her wedding dress, and Elliot, Jac, Mo, Jonny and Tara's parents gather in the hospital gardens, as Ollie and Tara say their vows.

Meanwhile, Gemma is keen to put the F1 prize behind her, but when a mysterious figure from her past shows up, it seems her problems will always catch up with her. Can Gemma shake the ghost of reputations past?

And when the opportunity of a lifetime presents itself for Malick, will he leave Holby for good  or will he stay for the son he barely knows?