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Oscar hits Matt!

(Image credit: Jeremy Greive)

Oscar confronts Maddy about her and Matt and she explains that she kept his affections a secret to keep the peace. Oscar is livid and, when Matt tries to explain, he storms out. When the boys finally talk, Matt admits that he wants Maddy to feel the same. When Oscar hears the admission, he sees red and punches Matt in the face. When Maddy finds out she's disgusted at Oscar's behaviour. She visits Matt and it's clear there is chemistry.

When Ricky receives a message from Nate's dad, Phoebe tells her to tell him immediately. However, Phoebe has problems of her own. After a meeting with Greg, she stressed out about her upcoming job and asks Ash if he'll help her prepare. Let's just say things don't go smoothly…

Ricky tries to pluck up the courage to tell Nate about his dad, but just can't seem to find the words. However, when Nate's dad appears at the front door, Ricky is left with no choice.