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Are things over for Mrs Tembe and JJ already?

(Image credit: BBC)

Or can JJ save their romance?

Mrs Tembe decides to introduce JJ to her friends and things don't go smoothly. Stevie can't help but twist the knife and tell her about JJ's womanising ways. Livid at Stevie's revelations, Mrs Tembe storms off, but JJ persuades her to hear his side of the story. Will JJ be able to win Mrs Tembe round?

Meanwhile, Jimmi and Al go for a drink and the pair laugh and joke like old times. Al is livid, however, when Jimmi invites Emma for a drink. Emma arrives and it doesn't take long for Al to lose his temper and walk out of the pub. Jimmi and Emma decide to let Al cool down. Later, and after a few drinks, Emma makes a pass at Jimmi. How will he respond?