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Paige can't stay away from Jack

Paige Smith in Neighbours

But when Paige tells him how she feels, will he reveal he feels the same way?

Paige Smith visits Jack in the confessional and admits her hook-ups with Tyler Brennan have been about both proving to herself that she's moved on as well as hurting Jack. Will Jack ease her pain and tell her he loves her?

Steph admits she wants her first birthday with Charlie in years to be perfect so she's thrilled when the Nerf party Mark organises proves to be a winner. But her good mood is short-lived when she registers how good Mark is with kids…

Toadie's uneasy when he thinks he sees someone watching from the bushes in Ramsay Street and then suspects someone's been in the house. Meanwhile, at the church, a mysterious parishioner confesses to Jack that he's released snakes in Ramsay Street!