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Paige finally tells the truth

Paige tells Brad and Lauren the truth about the father of her baby - but will she confess all to Jack?

Paige and David come clean to Brad and Lauren regarding the lie about the father of Paige's baby. With Jack now knowing that David is not the dad, will Paige decide to tell Jack the truth about his unborn child?

Piper panics over the financial and personal ramifications of Elly finding her with the fake ID. Elly argues she has a responsibility as a teacher to shut the fake ID ring down. However, she then makes a suggestion to Piper that could let her off the hook. Will Piper take Elly up on her offer?

Also, Toadie disappoints Sonya by placing an appointment with Dee ahead of a mayoral function with her. Afterwards, Toadie emotionally bonds further with Dee over her previous miscarriage. Will the sparks between the estranged couple start to fly?