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Patrick humiliates Maxine

When Patrick catches Dennis leaving the flat, he concocts another humiliating way to punish his bride-to-be. While Patrick is at work, Blessing and Dennis come over but Patrick returns early and sees Dennis leave the flat. He loses control and forces Maxine to eat their entire wedding cake to the point of her being physically sick. Maxine convinces Patrick that she loves him and she wants their wedding to be special. He gives Maxine an expensive necklace, which she decides to sell for a plane ticket to America.

All Phoebe can find is a bank letter about Cindy being entitled to a gold credit card but this is enough to confirm Mercedes' suspicions. She grabs Cindy, causing her to fall and smack the back of her head. Mercedes leaves Cindy out cold...

Also, Ste desperately tries to prove himself to Tony - but is it enough to win back his job?