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Paul agrees to support Daisha
Paul agrees to support Daisha (Image credit: BBC)

With pregnant Daisha worrying about where money will come from when her baby is born, Donna and Mark urge her to contact the baby's father. A reluctant Paul arrives at Holby but doesn't believe he's the father of Daisha's baby, so she persuades him to come to a scan that afternoon. Later, Paul agrees to support Daisha and the baby when it's born. With Lola gone, Sam is in charge of post-op care and theatre schedules. Meanwhile, one of the conjoined Tan twins becomes weaker than the other and Linden tells the parents that, if they don't act now, both babies could die. They agree to surgery, but as Sam prepares two teams for theatre, Linden is shocked to learn his name has been missed off the list. Maddy needs Kyla's help dealing with a patient, Mr Roberts, who has stomach cramps but Kyla's preoccupied worrying about Max, who's gone AWOL. Maddy orders Kyla to concentrate or go home and Kyla jumps into action when Mr Roberts collapses with appendicitis. Later, Maddy decides not to ruin Kyla's happy mood by giving her a letter from Abra. Also, Connie meets a mystery man.

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