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Harry Redknapp and Piers Morgan
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King of the jungle Harry Redknapp is in the hot seat this week's Piers Morgan's Life Stories

In Piers Morgan's Life Stories this week, a charming pro who knows all about attacking play.

Harry Redknapp showed his softer side when he won last year’s I’m a Celebrity…, but you don’t survive in the world of top-flight football management without being able to fight your corner.

"Harry’s a very open book," Piers told TV Times. "But not the cuddly guy everyone assumes he is.

"He’s survived in the pressure cauldron of management for a long time.

"You don’t get to do that by being a soft touch, and he fell out with people."

Harry Redknapp

Harry relaxes into the evening

It’s precisely that aspect of the former Spurs, West Ham and Portsmouth manager’s character that Piers Morgan is keen to explore as he invites the 72-year-old into the hot seat for a Life Stories grilling.

Like last week’s guest, Michael Barrymore, Harry is keen to put the record straight regarding historical allegations about him – in his case, relating to alleged corruption, of which he was found not guilty.

"He gets angry about that categorisation of him being dodgy," says Piers. "And has good reason because he was cleared."

In addressing that issue, promises Piers, his guest shows ‘a real passion and cold fury’.

TV Times rating: ****

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