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Piper gets her revenge

Piper humiliates Paige and Tyler in Neighbours

Piper sees Brad and Terese's divorce party as the perfect opportunity to humiliate Paige and Tyler...

Brad and Terese’s divorce party is in full swing when Piper plays her “family slide-show” for the guests: CCTV footage of Paige and Tyler having se! Paige and Tyler are humiliated while Jack is appalled by Paige’s behaviour. Later, Lauren buoys Brad with her optimistic take on things and when a snake scare provides further relief from the tension, Brad suddenly pops the question.

Things are still tense between Karl and Susan and when Karl airs his positive opinion of the divorce party, Susan suggests he start planning theirs. Karl’s shocked and the couple patch up their differences and agree to be more respectful of each other’s views.

After Gary’s apparent failure to procure Terese’s business strategy, Paul sneaks up to the empty penthouse and searches for it. But he’s alarmed when someone enter - and he flicks on the lights to reveal Gary. He’s holding the strategy file, but it’s noticeably thicker – containing all the pertinent documents he’d removed.