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Rakesh tries to blackmail the Sharmas

Rakesh Kotecha, Jai Sharma

Having been dumped by Priya, heartbroken Rakesh tries to use his pain to extort money from the Sharma family

Wanting to get revenge on his cheating fiancee Priya, who has dumped him and confessed to sleeping with someone else, Rakesh turns his attentions to the Sharmas' business wanting cash out of the family. How will shrewd Jai react when the bent lawyer tries to turn the screws on him?

When Lachlan admits he’s yet to sleep with someone, his former cellmate Gerry organises a prostitute to take his virginity. Will Lachlan go through with it?

Pollard fumes when he hears local thug and vandal Josh - who attacked the OAP - is back at school having been released without charge.

*This is all the information available for this episode