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Reggie in China - C4

Reggie talks to Chinese millionaires
(Image credit: BBC/72 Films Ltd/Sam Palmer)

In Reggie in China, Reggie Yates heads to Beijing to find out what makes the capital of this vast country tick

In Reggie in China this week, Reggie Yates’ Chinese adventure continues in Beijing where he tries to understand how this communist capital city also produces more billionaires than London (Sunday, 9pm, see our TV Guide for full details).

Reggie does a shift in a Beijing delivery centre

Reggie does a shift in a Beijing delivery centre

It’s an episode full of contradictions, and Reggie explores how the city embraces the internet – just as long as everyone adheres to the very strict rules.

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He meets millionaires who have to be careful not to flaunt their wealth and also spends a couple of days with a group of migrant workers who sacrifice so much to try and realise the "Chinese Dream" – a belief that working hard now will lead to a better life in the future. Although Reggie isn’t entirely convinced the workers in China will ever see the benefits of their labours.

TV Times rating: *****