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Repeat to Fade (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Patrick Redmond +353872600976)

After a fatal stabbing in a crowded market place, the pressure's on to make Londoners feel safe again. But with a new boss and Ronnie’s effectiveness as a detective being questioned at every turn, is it the end of the road for his career?


Ronnie and Joe also have a new boss to contend with. DI Elisabeth Flynn (Sharon Small) is determined to put her stamp on the MIU, declaring her own personal crackdown on knife crime. It is horribly embarrassing for her, then, that the first case to come in under her rule is a stabbing.

Under pressure from all sides, Ronnie and Joe struggle to gather enough evidence to charge the youth they believe to be responsible: Bobbi Washington (Kasey McKellar). However, when Bobbi inadvertently confesses to Ronnie, he thinks he’s got him – but with the confession uncorroborated by anyone else, Ronnie begins to realise that his honesty is in question. Can he prove to DI Flynn that he is no 'dinosaur'?