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Neighbours spoilers: Mystery surrounds the return of Ned Willis

Tattoo artist Ned hasn't been seen since he moved to Queensland to be closer to his family, including dad Brad. So what brings him back to Erinsborough?

Terese and her daughter Piper are both puzzled to discover Ned Willis is back in town. Could Ned's ex-girlfriend Elly be the reason?

Terese is immediately suspicious Ned is up to no good again. After all, he once got arrested for arson! However, after putting in a phone call to her ex-hubby Brad, Terese is still none-the-wiser. But what will Ned tell them when his family members push him for the truth?

Elsewhere, interviews are being held for the Manager position at The Waterhole. Sheila would love to have her old job back as working as Toadie's legal Executive Assistant isn't exactly what she wants to be doing.

Whereas pulling pints and giving the punters advice is something she's much better at! But having been dismissed from the position previously, how can Sheila get back in everyone's good books?

And Flapper The Musical is getting one step closer to becoming a reality for Dipi. That is until her hubby Shane decides to use Dipi's investor lunch at The Flametree to showcase his new urine-to-water generator will disastrous results!

Neighbours continues weekdays at 1:45pm and 5:30pm on Channel 5