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Ricky struggles with her pregnancy

Unable to share her pregnancy news with Brax, Ricky tells Phoebe. Phoebe advises Ricky to be happy and enjoy the idea of becoming mother for a moment, but she doesn't think it's possible.

Brax is distraught after Casey's death and demands that Andy tells him everything about Jake. Kyle tries to talk some sense into Brax, as they need to plan the funeral. Brax arrives to help with the arrangements and when a wreath arrives with the message 'R.I.P Baby Braxton' Brax is determined that he will bury his brother... and Jake.

Josh grieves for Casey and, in a moment of confusion, sleeps with Maddy. Afterwards, Josh asks Maddy to keep it a secret. She agrees, but tells him she doesn't regret it. However, when Roo finds out, Maddy tells her she loves him.

Nate refuses to tell Sophie why he was hugging Ricky but when Sophie finds out that Casey has died, she realises he was simply comforting a friend. Sophie apologises, but Nate dismisses her.