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Rob faces the music

(Image credit: BBC)

Rob's decisions over baby Marnie come back to haunt him

Rob and Karen have the day off together and decide to have a lazy day and relax. Their day is going just as they planned until Samira from the IPCC calls. Karen answers the phone and grills Samira, but she refuses to give any information away. Karen hands over the phone to Rob and Samira asks Rob to come to police station, as she needs to question him over a child that went missing a few weeks ago. Rob runs off to the station and Karen's completely unaware the missing child in question is Marnie. Will Rob's actions land him in hot water?

Meanwhile, Valerie and Ayesha are in stitches at the high number of strange receptacles containing stool samples that are being sent in. Mrs Tembe overhears them laughing about the situation and she reprimands Valerie for making light of the situation. Later, a remorseful Valerie comes up with an idea to help solve The Mill's strange problem.