Will Robyn die?

Casualty 12
Robyn's in grave danger in this week's Casualty (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

It’s a race against time as David speeds off with heavily pregnant Robyn in his car!

Giving birth to her first child should be a special time for nurse Robyn Miller. Instead the terrified nurse and her newborn are left fighting for their lives in a remote graveyard!

Last week Robyn (Amanda Henderson) made the mistake of a lifetime when she got into the car of her seriously ill friend David Hide. This week Robyn is certain she can get through to David even though he’s in the grip of a manic high after ditching his Bipolar medication. But when David throws both their phones out of his speeding car and brings Robyn to a rural graveyard, the terrified nurse finally realises how extremely ill David is.

The situation goes from bad to worse when scared Robyn goes into labour on a gravestone in the rain. Desperate Robyn realises she has to rely on mentally ill David (Jason Durr) to help deliver her baby! Although David is convinced he can help, despite no maternity nursing, the birth goes gravely wrong. Robyn passes out suffering severe blood loss, while her newborn girl fails to cry…

Duffy, Max and Charlie manage to locate Robyn’s phone using Internet tracking. They find unconscious Robyn and her baby in the nick of time and both are whisked away to the ED.

Back at the hospital there are touching scenes as Dylan manages to convince a confused and scared David to commit himself voluntarily to mental health care, so he doesn’t need to be sectioned. Will Robyn's baby live through this, and will she ever forgive him?

Sam's warning

Sam gives Connie a dressing down (Image credit: BBC / Alistair Heap)

Elsewhere, Medical Director Sam Strachan has a new fan in Cal, who is copying the way he dresses since deciding he wants to become a surgeon too. This doesn't go unnoticed by Alicia and Ethan!

Meanwhile, Lily agrees to tutor Gem after she proves she has a resilient nature and is willing to learn, no matter what it takes.

Also this week, Jez and Louise get up close and personal while working on the booze bus!

Sam tackles Connie abut leaving Grace with an agency nurse so she could watch Hugo in his school play. He threatens to take full custody of their daughter if Connie can’t get her act together...

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