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Ronnie Mitchell is arrested for murder!

(Image credit: BBC/Kieron McCarron)

Sharon arranges a Mitchell lunch, telling Phil he needs to step up for the sake of his family. Meanwhile, Roxy is trying to avoid Ronnie, feeling guilty for going to the police. Before lunch, Ben shares some supportive words with Phil and the meal gets off to a good start.

Ronnie takes Roxy aside and apologises to her for everything that's happened. Unable to look her sister in the eye, Roxy tells a confused Ronnie to leave. Before she can get out of the Mitchells', the police arrive and arrest her for murdering Carl, with a smug Dean looking on. In the police car Ronnie panics when she realises that the men she's with aren't police at all... Is she in danger?

Denise is shocked when the police turn up, revealing that someone in custody has given her address as their home address. At first assuming it's Vincent, when it turns out it isn't him, Denise is left confused. Carmel teams up with Denise to help her find out the identity of the mystery person.

Also, Cora rejects Denise's offer of help.