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All Round to Mrs Brown's – BBC1

A Round to Mrs Brown's S3
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The matriarch of misrule is back with another series of All Round to Mrs Brown's

The matriarch of misrule is back with another series of All Round to Mrs Brown's

It’s a full house tonight as Mrs Brown and clan return with their blend of celebrity interviews, sketches and audience participation.

Whether guests are homegrown or from Hollywood, there’s no denying Brendan O’Carroll’s Mammy character has ways of charming and disarming them.

Just ask star guest Teri Hatcher, who this evening reveals an unexpected childhood nickname over a cuppa at Agnes’ kitchen table.

Feeling equally confessional is comedian Rob Beckett, while Marcella’s Anna Friel possibly wishes her mum, Julie, was a little less so! Co-hosted by Jennifer Gibney, with Chris Kamara and Calum Scott.

TV Times rating: ****

All Round to Mrs Brown's

Mrs Brown is back with special guests Rob Becket, Anna Friel and Teri Hatcher

In a typically fun interview, Brendan, 63, reveals the guest list...

Is this another star-studded series, Brendan?

The guests are absolutely fantastic and we’ve great variety. We have Anna Friel and her mother, who is hilarious and talks about Anna as a young girl.

Noel Edmonds was happy as Larry hosting one of the game shows in the hairdressing salon.

Jake Wood comes on with his mum. He’s the opposite to his EastEnders character, and his mam, a lovely woman, talks about how it affects her seeing him on EastEnders being such a bad boy.

We also have Love Island’s Dani Dyer and her mum on. They reveal how Dani’s dad, Danny, gets up in the morning, looks in the mirror and says, ‘Hello, King!’

Past guests have included Pamela Anderson and Jerry Springer – so any big American stars this year?

Teri Hatcher! The American guests don’t know what to expect. Teri had no idea what to think but threw herself into it and was absolutely hilarious. She couldn’t get over talking to this man dressed as a woman in her kitchen, and then having The Cathy Brown Show with Grandad asleep in the chair!

Any new games or surprises?

We’ve a new game in the hair salon called the Wash & Blow Game Show. Four members of the audience sit in the hairdryer seats and get asked questions – as soon as they hesitate, they’re out!

We also have a hidden-camera one. We tell a member of the audience they’ve been selected for a tour of the studio and bring them into the waiting room where guests like Busted and Westlife come in and do things!

Which moments are must-see?

Boxer Nicola Adams floors Agnes with a right cross after she taunts her. It got a cheer, especially from Cathy! Also, watch out for Johnny Vegas and his mother – she’s a superstar and his photos are good.


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