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Ruhma is desperate to find Heston

(Image credit: BBC / Kieron McCarron)

Will Ruhma find Heston in time?

Ruhma heads to The Mill to see if she can find Heston, but he's nowhere to be seen. She heads off home and finds Heston slumped on the front door. Ruhma is furious with Shak for leaving the house, when she asked him to stay at home. However, her problems get even worse, when Heston starts cowering in pain. Ruhma calls an ambulance believing her husband is having a heart attack. Heston is rushed to hospital, where doctors eventually give him the all-clear.

When Heston starts to explain what happened to Ruhma, will she believe him? Even if Ruhma doesn't believe Heston, will Rob believe Heston and attempt to arrest Liam?