Ruth meets the neighbour from hell

(Image credit: Patrick Redmond +353872600976)

Al helps Ruth move into a cottage in the village, but her new next door neighbour Mr Moysey (Ronald Pickup) is cantankerous and distinctly unfriendly. When her ceiling collapses and the problem seems to be a leak in his house, she and Al go over to investigate but he refuses to let them in. Ruth enlists Penhale's help to gain access and when they go in they realise that Mr Moysey is an extreme hoarder whose house is stuffed with old papers, tin cans and plastic. Later, Ruth hears Mr Moysey collapse and when Martin examines him, he realises that the old man, who has been living off tinned food with no fruit or vegetables in his diet, has scurvy. 

Meanwhile, Martin reluctantly takes James to playgroup where he is forced join in with the mothers, but a picture taken there of him and James with Trace and baby Shona leads him to diagnose that Shona has a cataract in one eye.

Bert catches Jennie with a needle and that, coupled with her odd behaviour, make him think she is taking drugs, but it turns out that she has been injecting herself with Botox.