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Ryan and Mercedes kiss!

Ryan and Mercedes kiss in Hollyoaks

Copper Ryan is after thief Goldie - but he instead ends up getting up close and personal with Mercedes!

Mercedes and Goldie want a wine, chocolate and rom-com duvet day, but they've run out of pinot, so Goldie heads to the shops in her PJs, slippers and sunglasses! Goldie steals a bottle of wine from Price Slice and, when Ryan walks in, Simone urges him to stop her.

Ryan arrives at the McQueens to find Mercedes there alone, so he decides to stay until Goldie returns. But when Mercedes guesses he’s had an argument with Amy, they end up kissing. Will they be caught?

With the pressure mounting among the Osbornes, OB reveals to Jack that Eva is Billy's daughter. OB gives Jack the family's passports and wishes him luck in Ireland. Nancy, however, is adamant that they’re going home, despite the danger that awaits…