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Sam Nicholls shock return raises blood pressure in Casualty!

Sam Casualty return
Sam springs into action when she returns to <a href="/holby-city-home/" data-source-seowords>Holby City</a> (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

This week Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) returns Casualty and she has a LOT of explaining to do!

The return of former doctor Sam Nicholls raises eyebrows and blood pressure in this week’s Casualty – not least for her ex-husband Dylan and paramedic Iain, who has some explaining to do to his doctor girlfriend Lily Chao!

When Sam Nicholls (Charlotte Salt) makes her shock return she’s immediately greeted by cheeky paramedic Iain Dean (Michael Stevenson), who asks the pressing questions on all our lips – why has Sam been demoted from doctor to paramedic? Has husband Tom ditched her because she’s had another affair? And does her first ex-husband, Dylan Keogh, know she’s back in Holby?

Will Sam&#39;s return lead to Iain calling time on his relationship with Lily?

Will Sam's return lead to Iain calling time on his relationship with Lily? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)

Interestingly, Iain keeps quiet about his new relationship with doctor Lily Chao. Will sparks fly when he’s paired with his old flame on her first shift as a Holby City paramedic?

Also this week, Connie is feeling under the weather – is it stress or something more serious? Alicia is shocked when she makes a discovery about Elle’s personal life and resolves to act as matchmaker to Elle and Jacob. And Robyn, true to form, blabs to Lily that Iain and Sam had an affair while Sam was still married to Dylan!

Meanwhile, Sam makes an enemy of clinical lead Connie when she oversteps her duties and performs a risky procedure on a deathly ill patient… As first days go, Sam’s is certainly memorable!