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Where has Sam taken Grace?

(Image credit: BBC)

Sam and Grace disappear, leaving Connie worried to death in Casualty...

The new series of Casualty opens with a personal shock for clinical lead Connie Beauchamp. She has breakfast plans with her daughter Grace and ex, Sam Strachan, but can’t contact either of them.

Worried something terrible has happened Connie is uncharacteristically speechless when her other ex, Jacob, reveals Sam has resigned from his post at Holby ED, effective immediately.

Still unable to get hold of Sam or Grace, Connie does some detective work and discovers Sam’s apartment is available to let – meaning he’s moved! Where are Sam and Grace?

Dylan is haunted by Cal's death. Can he redeem himself with volunteer work?

Dylan is haunted by Cal's death. Can he redeem himself with volunteer work? (Image credit: BBC/Alistair Heap)


Meanwhile, Ethan is clearly struggling at work. Charlie’s concerned and points it out to Connie. She, however, is distracted with her own personal problems. Has Charlie guessed that Ethan’s attempting to deeply bury his guilty secret?

All this week, the ED is short staffed as four of the medics are in France volunteering at a refugee camp. Dylan, David, Alicia and Louise are all hoping to make a difference at the French charity in memory of murdered colleague Cal Knight. From the get-go they’re faced with tough situations, as refugees wash up on the French coast close to death. Dylan, especially, faces a moral and ethical dilemma, which has far-reaching consequences, both for him and for refugee brother and sister, Mariam and Sanosi…