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Sarah changes the locks and barricades herself in! (VIDEO)

(Image credit: Joseph Scanlon)

Convinced that Callum is still alive, Sarah asks Phelan to change the locks at No 8. When Sarah then barricades herself in the house with Harry, Bethany makes out she too is scared of Callum and when Sarah opens the door, David, Kylie, Bethany, Nick, Audrey and Gail pile inside. David secretly calls an ambulance and the paramedics arrive and cajole a terrified Sarah into the ambulance, David and Kylie realise with horror how they were instrumental in Sarah’s breakdown.

When Roy receives a speeding ticket in the post, Alex is forced to admit he was driving the car. Angry Roy tells Alex that he has no choice but to report his crime, but Cathy thinks he's being too harsh. Later, Alex tells them he’s handed himself into the police station and they let him go with a caution. Roy’s impressed, but Cathy’s hurt by his attitude towards Alex.

Robert offers Leanne a pay rise to return to the bistro. Although tempted, Leanne declines out of loyalty to Nick. But realising she needs £500 to fund Simon’s football camp, she’s forced to accept Robert’s offer.

Beth assures Kirk she loves him and in a desperate attempt to win him over, she tries to tempt him with some new underwear, but nothing seems to work.